Mandatory Vaccination

This page is applicable to anyone but of special concern to parents who have school age children. It is vitally important that you create a paper trail record of your refusal for mandatory vaccination. This is tedious but absolutely necessary. I have written guidance and templates here to help you.

Step 1
Identify what vaccines your child may be given and when. Look at the vaccine schedule in your area and compare it to your child’s vaccine record for any gaps. EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT DUE VACCINES, don’t rest on your laurels. Be vigilant and proactive, because additional and unnecessary vaccines and boosters are being added all the time, and widespread use of flu vaccine (despite research to suggest that it may create vulnerability to other respiratory infections) is of concern at this time.

Step 2
Once you have identified the specific vaccines that you or your child may be given, educate yourself about the risk of the illness and the risk of that particular vaccine and make an informed decision on whether you feel your child should have it. If you decide against the vaccine (as the rest of this page will assume), then it is important to engage your child’s doctor in a discussion about the risk of the illness and the risk, safety and efficacy of the vaccine. This is tedious, but if you jump right to Step 3, you are likely to be dealing with a combative resistance and a great deal of grief. Also, by asking these questions, you are perhaps asking questions the doctor never considered. Communicate with your doctor in writing. Here are sample questions to ask, which I have learned from Vernon Coleman and reproduce here for your convenience:

How dangerous is the disease?
What are the chances that these diseases will kill or cripple?
How effective is the vaccine?
What are the chances the vaccine will kill or cripple?
What side effects are associated with the vaccine?
What patients should not be given the vaccine?
What protection will the vaccination offer and for who?
Can you guarantee protection from the disease?
Will you guarantee that the vaccine will not harm me/my child?
If not, exactly how risky is it?
Will you take full responsibility for any ill effects caused by the vaccine?
Is the vaccine essential?
Have you personally investigated the risk-benefit ratio?
Who is the manufacturer of the vaccine you will be using?

DO NOT BE SURPRISED OR DISHEARTENED IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. After receiving a response or 30 days, whichever comes first, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3

I have included a template of a letter to send to your child’s GP by RECORDED DELIVERY: Vaccine Non Consent

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU INCLUDE A COVER LETTER. Explain your findings and why you are removing consent. Include references where possible. Explain that you apologise for the harshness of the letter, but it’s only because you need it to be absolutely clear and are only looking out for the best interest of your child. You don’t want to make an enemy of your GP and ideally you want them to investigate the vaccines themselves, so keep the cover letter as polite as possible. Request a written acknowledgement of your letter.

Step 4

After receiving a written acknowledgement of your letter from your GP (which you may have to request several times), send a copy to your child’s school with another polite cover letter explaining your findings and that you understand vaccines are sometimes administered at school. Request advance and specific information about if and when vaccines are going to be carried out in your child’s school or class, so that you can make an informed decision. Request written acknowledge of your letter from your school.

Step 5

Instruct your child – no matter what their age – that they are never to be given an injection or a vile to sniff without you present! Instruct them to firmly say no, and if the school or health worker persists that they must call you immediately. Repeat these instructions often…. don’t assume they know or get it, because they are constantly being propagandised and very prone to go with the group.

Step 6

If you know vaccines are being administered at school on any given day…. keep your child home. Don’t assume it will be alright. Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t take the risk of having done all of this work and made all of this effort for some clueless jobsworth to throw it away.

Step 7

I hope you never need this step, but if your child is vaccinated despite all of your efforts, you must contact a solicitor immediately. Be prepared that you will likely have to contact several, because many won’t be interested in your case. Contact the police to make a claim of medical battery and child abuse, but do try to enlist a solicitor first. Complain immediately to your GP and school and start that drawn out process. You will find many parents will support you in taking the case to judicial review which is imperative to stop the medical tyranny we are living under.