Bury Them In Science Campaign

The people we most need to reach are the brainwashed cogs in the machine: GPs, politicians, Journalists… people maintaining the lies out of ignorance.

Online we are censored, if not directly through the platforms we are using then through self-censorship, where it is too easy for someone to delete an email they can’t be bothered with or close a tab that hasn’t grabbed them. It requires much more cognitive processing to disregard a printed document. The document MUST have a decision made about it, even if it is to be thrown in the bin, and this is much less likely to happen by habitual tick than the deletion of an email, scroll past a post or closing of a tab.


PRINT DOCUMENTS, and delivering them – by post or in person, anonymous or with your name attached – to medical professionals, elected representatives, journalists, academics…. anyone maintaining the delusion we live under!

Small and often is more effective than sending an onslaught, and addressing an individual (even if to every individual in an organisation) is more powerful than something addressed to everyone. Include a cover letter or don’t. If they see if often enough, they will have to at least acknowledge it, and they may eventually READ IT!